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844 January 31

The Arts & Theology: Part 1

“One cannot keep on evangelizing the world without interfering with the world’s culture…In Christ man is restored to God as cultural creature to serve his Maker in the world and as ruler over the world for God’s sake.” -Henry R. Van Til, The Calvinistic Concept of Culture Art is something that leaves an indelible mark […]

88444 January 30

The Tweets of Zero Dark Thirty

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news about Osama Bin Laden’s death. Odds are you do too. Ironically, I was reading President Bush’s book Decisions Points, finishing up the chapter detailing 9/11. Another thing I remember is that Twitter blew up like a Michael Bay movie that night. People were generally […]

775533 January 30

My Cross and My Splinters: How God Uses the Pain of the Believer to Beckon the Broken

Anyone who has ever read anything I have previously written or spent any significant amount of time with me will tell you unflinchingly that my favorite genre of music is soul music. Since I was a child, I was majestically drawn to artists such Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and the incomparable Donny Hathaway. It wasn’t […]

99655 January 29

The Uneasy Conscience of Manifest Destiny

I can honestly say that I have seen every John Wayne western film ever made. From the Duke to Clint Eastwood, I have grown up watching westerns and still enjoy them. The romantic imagery of the “Old West” still causes me to become nostalgic and admire this unique part of the American experience. Living in the […]

55625 January 27

Jacob and Esau: The Showdown

Jacob’s life is truly a paragon of the gospel.  Though not the first, he is certainly an early pioneer “sheep” extracted from a world of wandering “goats.”  As we meet him in Genesis 32, he is standing on the frontier of the land promised to his grandfather Abraham. To this point, his life has been […]

1112 January 26

How I Got Over: Ethnic Diversity and the Curse of Christian Monolithism

“How I got over, How I got over, my Lord And my soul looked back and wondered How I got over, my Lord” -How I Got Over, Negro Spiritual “Lift ev’ry voice and sing, till earth and heaven ring Ring with the harmonies of Liberty Let our rejoicing rise, high as the list’ning skies Let […]

99652 January 25

The Nature of Theological Language

The church “is directed every day, indeed every hour, to begin again at the beginning.” –Karl Barth What is at the beginning of theology? What or who stands before all theological discourse? In our approaches to developing our theology, in particular our doctrine of God, do we first understand who the Triune God is, as revealed […]

88855 January 24

Where Have All the Philosophers Gone?

Recently I read a comment on Facebook asking, “Why doesn’t anyone quote textbooks on Ontology anymore?” (That guy needs to be apart of our blog.) This seemed like an odd question to me. Isn’t the answer obvious? No one quotes textbooks on Ontology anymore because no one reads textbooks on Ontology anymore. Allow me to […]

1199 January 23

Protestantism: A Single-Parent Household?

First, let me begin by saying that I have no intention of denigrating any single moms and dads out there who work their butts off raising their children.  The truth is I have a soft spot when considering the often harsh realities that accompany being a single parent.  Whenever I encounter a single parent my […]

1155 January 21

The Myth of Liberal Theology

Liberal theology is the single greatest hindrance to its own advancement in social justice. I expect that there might perhaps be some backlash to this claim but I firmly believe this is true. I was not raised as a hyper fundamentalist, Jesus is Republican, rated R movies are evil, wearing my “A Breadcrumb & Fish” […]

8005 January 21

A Political Kind of Day

Two things might help you read this post more easily. First, know that I did not vote for Obama but I have respect for him. Second, I consider myself to be a politically moderate person, but I am likely perceived as a conservative by most. Now you don’t have to wonder or speculate. Let Us […]

8005 January 21

By What Authority? An Examination of Apostolic Succession: Part I

I am beginning this series on the doctrine of apostolic succession for two reasons. The first is that I am extremely interested in arguments concerning authority structures within Christendom. One struggle I have faced in my Christian walk is determining who has final authority over the interpretation of Scripture and the propagation of the Christian […]

1177 January 18

Divine Leg Locks and Demythologized Folklore

If I were writing this blog 15 years ago when I was first introduced to jiu-jitsu, no one would know what a leg lock was. For that matter, no one would know what a blog was. But now little old ladies talk about the UFC over their morning coffee, and a quick YouTube search will […]

5006 January 17

America is not Israel

Read my first post on this issue here. My first blog entry was titled, “The Church is Israel.” In that entry I tried to argue that God has ONE covenant community. These are His chosen people, the apple of His eye, and there is no other body of individuals that rivals them. However, it seems […]

7004 January 16

Theology for Dreamers

Recently I was asked my opinion (specifically my theological opinion) of dreams and dream interpretations. I must admit I had never really given any thought to a person’s experience in dreams, and my theological background gave me skepticism about such things. Although I will admit that dreams are fascinating things. Films and picture frames within […]

1007 January 15

Lessons Learned from the Galileo Affair: All Truth is God’s Truth

Many contemporary historians working within the parameters of science and theology alike have drawn meaningful connections between the historical Galileo Affair and the modern debate over evolution-creation. The remarkable continuity between these two notorious conflicts is significant because it enables the contemporary church to learn from past mistakes. This is the importance of history in […]

4002 January 14

Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, and the Blues that Bellows to the Pews: The Necessity for Jazz Homiletics

“People ask me how I make music. I tell them I just step into it. It’s like stepping into a river and joining the flow. Every moment in the river has its song.” ― Michael Jackson I’ll play it first and tell you what it is later. Miles Davis It’s really no big secret that I’ve […]

9006 January 11

Me, Myself, & I

So it was a regular Monday morning like any other. I woke up at 4:00 A.M., prayed for a couple of hours, fed a hungry kid, then read Ephesians. In Greek. I then went to class and enjoyed every minute of it and soaked in every single word my professor said. After all of my […]


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