If you are like me then the word ‘holiness’ doesn’t necessarily bring up the best images initially. Having been raised non-Christian and then coming up in a network that defined holiness historically as dresses, hair buns, no movies, and other rules for regulating morals I had somewhat of a twisted view of this term. Then […]


Augustine’s Confessions has long been considered one of the great Christian classics. One of the things that has set it apart from other classical pieces of literature, and thus has allowed it to stand the test of time, is its universality. It is a work that possesses universal appeal, a work that transcends time, culture, […]


No one admires a traitor. The very word brings feelings of disgust. A traitor is one who betrays an allegiance–one who betrays a trust. Who admires that? But the issue is not quite as simple as that line of reasoning makes it appear. In fact, I would suggest that there can be an admirable side […]


Disclaimer: this post contains spoilers for those who haven’t seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. I actually enjoyed going to the orthodontist as a teenager. Not only did I get out of school early, but the office I visited had television sets installed into the beige ceiling tiles. That way, nervous patients like me […]


Definition/OT Examples of Atonement In researching and writing this post about the atonement I have been in awe of our saving God and His atoning work on the cross for us. Before continuing in this about the atonement it would be seemingly wise to define it so that there is an understanding of what I […]


Show me your theological method, and I will show you your view of the atonement. Show me that element, that aspect, of your methodology that is the most important to you, that thing that speaks the loudest, that standard by which everything else is measured–and I will tell you which model of the atonement you […]


“Because the sinless Savior died My sinful soul is counted free For God the just is satisfied To look on Him and pardon me.” Christianity undoubtedly revolves around the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Before I became a Christian, I had at least grasped that it all seemed to hinge on a belief that Christ […]


Father, thank You for the incredible opportunity to celebrate the finished work of Christ with my brothers. Holy Spirit, may this be a fruitful and faithful discussion as we depend on You to illuminate Scripture and guide our conversation, for our only desire is to make much of God forever. May we ever rejoice in […]


Christ the Victorious – Christus Victor: How the battle won by Jesus is our atonement. In Evangelical circles, the most widely held view on atonement is that of Penal Substitution. What has always convinced me that this view is inadequate is the fact that Old Testament rites of sacrifice were animal based. There were even […]


Chances are, every single one of us at one time or another has been the victim of mistaken motives, simply because someone took something we said “out of context.” The fact is that without a full understanding of its socio-cultural context, any speech or action or event is subject to gross misinterpretation. The theological history […]


The Argument Expounded Peter Kreeft posits that Lewis’ argument from desire is the best version.[1] He therefore expounds the argument in a more philosophical format as follows: 1) every natural, innate desire in us corresponds to some real object that can satisfy that desire. 2) But there exists in us a desire which nothing in […]


I’ve had the joy and honor of serving God through ministry for last 9 years. It all started with an 8th grade dream to join the worship band and get a girlfriend. Though the latter still hasn’t worked out for me yet, I will humbly take God’s divine delay as a testimony of my awesomeness. […]


Suffering is a universal part of being human. Death, terminal illness, and even heartbreak are all elements of suffering. Music is one place where this common human experience is expressd most clearly. Now I love music. I have favorite artists in almost every genre and have been a musician since I was a little kid. […]


Sometimes, the best stories are the stories no one is allowed to tell. When those stories come to the surface, it’s a beautiful and fantastic thing. During the height of World War II, the United States government instituted what became known as the “Ghost Army.” This 1,100 man unit (formally dubbed the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops) was […]


When I ask who is God what is your response? If I said God is _____ what goes into that blank? A.W. Tozer stated that what we believe about God is the most important thing in our lives. So what’s your answer? Would we see Him as the Creator? That seems to be a popular […]


In “marked” contrast to the adopted practice of most modern historiographers who are fond of supplying graphic details of heinous events (compare, for example, Bill O’Reilly’s magnificent KILLING LINCOLN), Mark’s account of the crucifixion is striking in its silence regarding the physical torture of the cross. Although this strikes us moderns as odd (and, for […]


Over the last few centuries, there has been a steady but growing consensus amongst intellectuals that religion and science are simply incompatible with one another. This incompatibility is often interpreted as being built into the very natures of both systems. In other words, it is thought that the various predicates of religion are intrinsically opposed […]


Within the discipline of Christian Apologetics, there are many arguments for the existence of God. One of the most compelling arguments is the argument from desire. This argument basically states that there are natural desires within human nature that correspond to real objects, which are the satisfaction of those desires. Further, there exists in humanity […]