Mission Statement:

One Theology is a blog created to facilitate the sharing of ideas, essays, discussions and art related to the field of theology and philosophy. This site also contains reviews and commentary related to the fields of literature, economics, history, science and politics as they relate to theology and/or philosophy.

How We Accomplish Our Mission:

While the main objective of the site is to facilitate (and not indoctrinate) the exchange of ideas or philosophies, each contributor understands that they offer their thoughts seeking commentary and helpful criticism. All involved make it a point to abstain from mean-spirited commentary in the discussion of life’s most important issues. You may see one contributor respond to another contributor’s post in the comments section or in an entirely separate post of their own. This is welcomed and encouraged as part of the fulfillment of the mission to develop in theology and philosophy.

Who is Involved?

Chad Graham is the site owner and administrator. Each contributor was invited because of their thoughtfulness and experience in a certain field relevant to theology and philosophy. Those involved primarily have an interest in developing their writing skills while learning in a community with similar interest and motives. All of the contributors have, in some way, agreed that what one thinks about God has important implications for life and society.

Affiliations & Endorsements

Onetheology.com is not affiliated with any religious organization, denomination or ministry. The ideas and content promoted by each contributor is the expressed opinion of that contributor alone and is not condoned or endorsed by any other contributor on this site. As part of the mission of this site, we are striving to remain free of affiliations and endorsements to promote a spirit of open and honest dialogue. There are theist and non-theist contributors on this site and that is a celebrated fact.

Chad is an Apologetics and Ethics major at Denver Seminary. He is also the owner and editor of One Theology. Chad's interests are ethics, public policy, church history and ecclesiology.

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