There are two main camps of thought when it comes to God’s foreknowledge and our election in regards to salvation. Some of you may not even have a clue about this which is probably doing better than some supposed “experts” on the issue. I am not dismissing other camps of thought but rather discussing the […]


As a Christian who believes scripture is the final authority and has homosexual friends that I love I feel that I cannot please either side nor prevent from making both upset with me. This is a difficult topic to discuss as I balance between a Christian world I know (and love mostly) that I have […]


1. Context, Context, CONTEXT! This could probably be numbers 1-5 and be the most important part of reading the Bible you could ever read. Reading scripture out of context has perhaps done the absolute most damage to believers in their walk with God than any other. One thing must always be understood. Every portion of […]


“I hopped off the plane My God, what a scene that I seen on that TV screen People huddled round, hands on they mouth Not again, same problem, it hit a new town 26 dead 20 of em kids Where do you begin when some lives just ended? And every body got the question “If […]


Often we have heard a limited amount of perspectives on the amazing, powerful, all sovereign third member of the Trinity. We all know his name (insert drum roll) and now……The Holy Spirit! To some he is similar to a Star Wars version of the force. Use him to do some weird spiritual things or acquire […]


If you are like me then the word ‘holiness’ doesn’t necessarily bring up the best images initially. Having been raised non-Christian and then coming up in a network that defined holiness historically as dresses, hair buns, no movies, and other rules for regulating morals I had somewhat of a twisted view of this term. Then […]


Definition/OT Examples of Atonement In researching and writing this post about the atonement I have been in awe of our saving God and His atoning work on the cross for us. Before continuing in this about the atonement it would be seemingly wise to define it so that there is an understanding of what I […]


When I ask who is God what is your response? If I said God is _____ what goes into that blank? A.W. Tozer stated that what we believe about God is the most important thing in our lives. So what’s your answer? Would we see Him as the Creator? That seems to be a popular […]


*DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE NOT CAUGHT UP ON THE WALKING DEAD DO NOT READ FURTHER* So what does this post apocalyptic show with murderous zombies and now a power hungry ‘governor’ have to do with the pastoral role of preaching the word and leading a community of believers? Much actually if we understand that all […]


Here we are at the conclusion of Theology and the Arts. Whereas these are very summarized versions of much that has been thought greatly on the arts I hope this has caused you to think more deeply about the Arts and their importance. I would suggest for more study readings by Francis Schaeffer, Tim Keller, […]


One could perhaps read my previous post about the arts and assume that there is nothing at all wrong in the ways we currently view them. That we are living in this perfect world glorifying God with no sense of creativity being used for evil. This is clearly a lie right? We all know that […]


“One cannot keep on evangelizing the world without interfering with the world’s culture…In Christ man is restored to God as cultural creature to serve his Maker in the world and as ruler over the world for God’s sake.” -Henry R. Van Til, The Calvinistic Concept of Culture Art is something that leaves an indelible mark […]


Liberal theology is the single greatest hindrance to its own advancement in social justice. I expect that there might perhaps be some backlash to this claim but I firmly believe this is true. I was not raised as a hyper fundamentalist, Jesus is Republican, rated R movies are evil, wearing my “A Breadcrumb & Fish” […]


So it was a regular Monday morning like any other. I woke up at 4:00 A.M., prayed for a couple of hours, fed a hungry kid, then read Ephesians. In Greek. I then went to class and enjoyed every minute of it and soaked in every single word my professor said. After all of my […]