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The Gospel of Going to Heaven 2 January 21

The Gospel of Going to Heaven

One of my favorite genres of music is the Americana folk style. It blends gospel, country, and blues with religious imagery and experiences of American life. Many current artists have taken old hymns and brought them back in this resurging genre. The most famous hymn is the classic “I’ll Fly Away.” The song became popular […]

813 September 24

When God Broke The Spinning Wheel: Providence And Fate

Christmas songs are always hard for me to listen to outside of the Christmas season. I love Christmas and the songs, but to listen to them in September just seems strange. But recently I heard a Christmas song that said more than just the usual yuletied cheer. The song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, […]

708 August 13

NIKAO: The Victorious Lord

“Jesus is Victor.” This is a phrase used decades ago by Corrie Ten Boom in her book that bares the same name. Karl Barth used the same phrase when describing his Christological doctrine. Yet, the phrase goes back even further in Christian antiquity. The early church used symbols to designate Christianity and help spread the […]

223 June 13

Options: Homosexuality and Identity Crisis

Who are you? These three words sum up one of the most important questions a person should ponder. I am reminded of the movie Alice in Wonderland, and how this was the main question that the Caterpillar asked Alice as she was on her journey through an unknown world. The question involves all aspects of […]

8853 June 05

Living With Altar Calls

It was the end of my sophomore year in college and it had been a stressful semester. The stress of the semester had left me tired, and spiritually I needed relief. Like many Christian universities, chapel was an everyday occurrence and one that I didn’t look forward to sometimes. Like many theology majors, I sat […]

962 May 14

God Is Faithful…..I Think?

For the past few weeks I have been in many conversations regarding God, suffering, and faith. Don’t ask me why, they just started to follow me. During this same time I have been trying to re-read the classic work, A Grief Observed, by C.S. Lewis. This book is one of my favorites by Lewis, because […]

21 May 08

Breaking Chains: Slavery, Labor Issues & Consumer Culture

Over the past decade the effort to end modern slavery has grown from grass roots social activism to mainstream attention and a growing movement. Organizations, like the A21 Campaign and the International Justice Mission, have come together to form the End It Movement. This movement to end modern slavery has been featured at large Christian […]

887 April 15

Theology Born Out of Chaos

In recent years the post-apocalyptic movie genre has become very popular with audiences. From zombie films like Dawn of the Dead to action thrillers like The Book of Eli, these movies deal with a world that has fallen apart.  The end of a civilization is one subject that both fascinates and terrifies people. In recent years, people […]

741 April 01

Realized Resurrection

Growing up I would always hear about the resurrection of Jesus and what that meant for me and other Christians in the future. The main theological themes for most Evangelical churches on Easter morning are that 1.) Jesus died and rose again giving us salvation and the hope of heaven and 2.) Jesus’ resurrection was […]

03 March 12

The God That Failed: Metallica, Suffering, and the Consequence of Theology

Suffering is a universal part of being human. Death, terminal illness, and even heartbreak are all elements of suffering. Music is one place where this common human experience is expressd most clearly. Now I love music. I have favorite artists in almost every genre and have been a musician since I was a little kid. […]

705 February 28

The Fallen World of “Perfect” Communities

An important part of being human is recognizing and remembering that we are all fallen creatures. The fallen state goes beyond just a person’s finite abilities (seeing the future, making planets, etc.) but ultimately leads to sin that alienates us from God and others. Our hearts, minds, and actions can be used for wrong things. […]

7366 February 11

Life with God in YOLO Culture

YOLO. The overused acronym of 2012 stands for “You Only Live Once.” Some could call it a sad millennial version of “Carpe Diem.” However, YOLO is not as much about “seizing the day” as it has a better comparison to the ancient hedonistic phrase, “Let us drink for tomorrow we die.”  The lifestyle acronym is […]

99655 January 29

The Uneasy Conscience of Manifest Destiny

I can honestly say that I have seen every John Wayne western film ever made. From the Duke to Clint Eastwood, I have grown up watching westerns and still enjoy them. The romantic imagery of the “Old West” still causes me to become nostalgic and admire this unique part of the American experience. Living in the […]

7004 January 16

Theology for Dreamers

Recently I was asked my opinion (specifically my theological opinion) of dreams and dream interpretations. I must admit I had never really given any thought to a person’s experience in dreams, and my theological background gave me skepticism about such things. Although I will admit that dreams are fascinating things. Films and picture frames within […]


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