There are two sides to the coin that purchased our eternal home with God. On Good Friday we mourn our part in the death of Christ and the suffering He endured so that He could take our sin to the grave. We celebrate a God who said “they can’t, so I will.” We marvel at […]


I love the book Letters from a Skeptic by Greg Boyd, and every now and then when some doubt is rumbling in my head, I’ll remember a section or two and reread it. On page 144 Ed asks a very honest, very important question: why does it take faith to believe in God? Why isn’t it just […]


The Atheist philosopher J. L. Mackie agrees that if we can prove that there is an ultimate moral truth that governs creation that it must have supernatural beginnings. However, he and his colleagues do not accept that ultimate morals do exist. According to these atheists, morals are just another product of social evolution. Society does […]

Physician and Nurse Pushing Gurney

I am a recovering hypocrite. Two thousand years ago, Paul shared my struggle. In Romans 7 and 8 he talks about it: The things that I want to do, that I tell everyone I do; I don’t do that. The problems that I say I don’t have, I struggle with those daily. Who can save […]

Beginnings 23

How did we get here? Most ancient creation stories start with either a formless space that spontaneously gives birth to a god, or earth; or they begin with an eternal being that existed before creation. In some of these, this being is the creator of all original things, or it is destroyed and the debris […]

Symbol Versus Reality 2

“Symbolism is not a denial of historicity but a matter of literary genre.” [1] This quote by Robert Mounce, a respected premillennialist, sums up very well how we must approach our study in Revelation. There are things mentioned here that are both clearly and possibly symbolic, but calling it so does not mean that we are saying […]

1.9.14 3

I’m doing a study in Genesis with a group at my church and got an opportunity to share on one of my pet peeves this week. It’s found in Chapter 38, and talks about wasting “seed.” Judah went on the town and got a couple of wives, had sons and then got wives for his […]

1.9.14 2

There is a common assumption that because we received all knowledge about God through the Hebrew Scriptures then those ancient Israelites were always monotheistic. We see in our Old Testament pages a cut and dry story of One God revealing Himself to people who recognized exactly who He was, but willingly rebelled. But is this […]


I recently had to write an evaluation of a book concerning four views on women in the ministry.[1] Without getting into personal opinion on that topic, I would like to rehash what I saw to be a hermeneutical slippery slope down which all four authors slid to one degree or another. In general I find […]


According to “Open Theism,” God is omniscient because he knows everything there is to know about reality perfectly. But, this does not mean that this knowledge is completely settled. If people are truly free, then their actions cannot be known before they act on them. The reality that choice creates does not exist before that […]


John chapter 6 says that eternal life is gained by eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus. Verse 60 has some of the disciples murmuring “This is a difficult statement; who can listen to it?” Jesus asks them if this hard teaching is causing their faith and understanding to waver. He asks if […]


What was the real reason God preferred Abel’s offering? The text doesn’t tell us for certain though many believe it is a tithing issue. Cain “brought an offering to the Lord of the fruit of the ground.” Abel “brought of the firstlings of his flock and their fat portions.” Some see this as “Abel brought […]


There is great debate over the accuracy and authenticity of Genesis. One reason this is so is because much of the text tells about things that happened in prehistoric times. What we read today was not written by Adam, Abraham and Jacob; it was written thousands of years after the oldest events. However, there is […]


The Old Testament is full of references of human impurity, and rituals that purify. The Law is primarily concerned with this relationship between a holy, pure God, and a sinful impure humanity and God’s attempt to reconcile with His creation. From priestly consecration to ritual bathing, there was a method to cleanse almost anything either […]


Christ the Victorious – Christus Victor: How the battle won by Jesus is our atonement. In Evangelical circles, the most widely held view on atonement is that of Penal Substitution. What has always convinced me that this view is inadequate is the fact that Old Testament rites of sacrifice were animal based. There were even […]


This sad perception has prompted me to give a response. The power of the Old Testament Law has lost its power to condemn to death, those who live in Jesus Christ. However, the Law has not lost its merit or worth. It is alive and active just as much today as it was before Christ’s […]


This week I’m reading a book entitled Kingdom of Priests: A History of Old Testament Israel. By providing a history-reader flow to the Old Testament narrative of Jewish national development, and combining the Scriptural witness with extra-biblical sources, Merrill gives the reader an easy to follow interpretation of this turbulent era. The focus on dates […]