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We Are All Zombies February 07

We Are All Zombies

We don’t know it, but we feel it.  We spend all of our time busy, distracted, amused, and entertained. We don’t sit in our cars without the radio on. We can’t be alone with ourselves for three minutes without finding a chore to fill up time or turning on Netflix to watch the next episode […]

101 June 24

RAPE – TORTURE – MURDER ≠ Homosexuality

After posting Post-Homophobic Christianity, I received a very interesting comment.  I’d like to share part of it and get some feedback, as well as provide a short response.  I’d also like to ask a few questions, in hopes of understanding where this kind of thinking comes from.  I look forward to the conversation. Comment: “Nature You said […]

88532 June 14

Post-Homophobic Christianity

I Was Homophobic Sadly, I grew up a homophobic kid.  My environment demanded it.  I am fortunate to have a very patient and forgiving friend, to this day, who I bullied, as a kid, at church, for being gay.  She is an amazing human, and I have not always been. When I first saw that […]

9006 January 11

Me, Myself, & I

So it was a regular Monday morning like any other. I woke up at 4:00 A.M., prayed for a couple of hours, fed a hungry kid, then read Ephesians. In Greek. I then went to class and enjoyed every minute of it and soaked in every single word my professor said. After all of my […]


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