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Gospel of Going to Heaven Part II 2 February 27

Gospel of Going to Heaven: Part II

“It is the only happy life to live for the salvation of souls.” – D.L. Moody In continuing my thoughts on the Gospel of Going to Heaven I wanted to give a little background in how I see the development of this mindset. American religious history is marked by revivals. Since the early colonial days […]

Why Public Debates Matter February 04

Why Public Debates Matter

Tonight, two icons (in their own way) will be facing off in a debate about the origins of the universe. Bill Nye is the Science Guy who will be presenting an argument for the truthfulness of evolutionary claims considered by Ken Ham to be contradictory to the Bible and reality. Ken Ham is a public […]

Os Guinness and the Public Square January 27

Os Guinness and the Public Square

Recently, I have been systematically reading through the works of Os Guinness. In particular, his writings on the American founding fathers and the global public square. For those unfamiliar with Guinness, he is a social critic who has written at length on the subject of American culture and politics. Below are a few major themes […]

The Gospel of Going to Heaven 2 January 21

The Gospel of Going to Heaven

One of my favorite genres of music is the Americana folk style. It blends gospel, country, and blues with religious imagery and experiences of American life. Many current artists have taken old hymns and brought them back in this resurging genre. The most famous hymn is the classic “I’ll Fly Away.” The song became popular […]

154 January 20

Desire and the Death of Autonomy

Today marks our first day that we delve into a basic rundown of René Girard’s Mimetic Theory. Some of it will sound a little theoretical, but by the end (within the next three or four weeks) I am hoping to show how these parts all tie together and why I think the theory is so […]

1.10.14 January 10

Macklemore, Lorde, and the Protest against Excess

I’m a big fan of a lot of current hip-hop and pop music. Like huge. Katy Perry, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Lorde, you get the picture. Some of it is pretty ridiculous (Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” comes to mind). But I have noticed a sort of subversive, anti-materialistic attitude in some of the […]

154 January 06

Discovering Girard

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to write a couple of posts that give a basic overview of René Girard’s Mimetic Theory, using Michael Kirwan’s Discovering Girard as a sort of template to guide me in the process. As these posts are meant to be accessible to most people, I will try and simply Kirwan’s and […]

88 October 04

Application: Is Scripture Culturally Bound?

I assure you, this post will raise more questions than it will answer. One of the most important (and consequently hardest) parts of biblical interpretation is translating biblical commands from one culture to another. There are typically two ends of the spectrum. On one end, there are those who believe scriptural principles and the commands […]

83 October 02

Pearls Before Swine

What is hermeneutics? Herme-Newt-ics? Depends who you ask. But generally, it involves interpreting written communication. I’m not seeking to get philosophical or to provide a history of hermeneutics. Rather, I simply want to talk briefly about how I – as someone who does not hold to the doctrine of inerrancy (is errantist a word?)  - […]

813 September 24

When God Broke The Spinning Wheel: Providence And Fate

Christmas songs are always hard for me to listen to outside of the Christmas season. I love Christmas and the songs, but to listen to them in September just seems strange. But recently I heard a Christmas song that said more than just the usual yuletied cheer. The song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, […]

101 June 24

RAPE – TORTURE – MURDER ≠ Homosexuality

After posting Post-Homophobic Christianity, I received a very interesting comment.  I’d like to share part of it and get some feedback, as well as provide a short response.  I’d also like to ask a few questions, in hopes of understanding where this kind of thinking comes from.  I look forward to the conversation. Comment: “Nature You said […]

774 June 17

Total Depravity & Homosexual Orientation

I was wondering when someone would break the ice on this blog concerning the homosexuality topic. Thank you Esther Moore for finally getting the ball rolling. I would like to contribute to the dialogue by focusing on a certain aspect of the debate. George Wood raised this question in his post, “whether same-sex sexual orientation […]

88532 June 14

Post-Homophobic Christianity

I Was Homophobic Sadly, I grew up a homophobic kid.  My environment demanded it.  I am fortunate to have a very patient and forgiving friend, to this day, who I bullied, as a kid, at church, for being gay.  She is an amazing human, and I have not always been. When I first saw that […]

335 June 13

A Christian Approach To Homosexuality

As a Christian who believes scripture is the final authority and has homosexual friends that I love I feel that I cannot please either side nor prevent from making both upset with me. This is a difficult topic to discuss as I balance between a Christian world I know (and love mostly) that I have […]

887 June 13

The Bible and Homosexuality

I address this topic with great hesitancy. It’s not easy. I am hesitant because I really hate to highlight one behavior as this sort of “more-than” or “other-than” sin that is not related to the overall broken state of humanity. But I continue because I think there is something here that is really killing us. […]

223 June 13

Options: Homosexuality and Identity Crisis

Who are you? These three words sum up one of the most important questions a person should ponder. I am reminded of the movie Alice in Wonderland, and how this was the main question that the Caterpillar asked Alice as she was on her journey through an unknown world. The question involves all aspects of […]

101 June 11

Reply to “Born that Way?” by Esther May Moore

In a recent post at One Theology, Esther May Moore offered “biblical, historical and biologically based information that challenged the traditional Christian prohibition of homosexual intercourse. Specifically, she suggested four arguments against it, the first two having to do with history and the Bible, and the last two having to do with biology. The use […]

77552 June 10

Born That Way?

Last week a history making event happened in the Boy Scouts. They elected to allow openly gay boys to join their ranks. This along with the Equal Rights movement is forcing believers to look at the issue a little harder and some are asking, “Is it possible that people really ARE born gay?” I can’t […]


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