I had a bit of a self-revelation this morning. It’s really nothing new, and probably something that happens to a lot of people in the Evangelical/post-Evangelical/millenial/trying-to-figure-out-how-to-follow-Jesus crowd. In a nutshell: I like to read lots of things about Scripture. I am not very good at reading Scripture. Encountering Scripture. Being changed by actually reading scripture. I don’t want […]


The Bible. Holy Scripture. The ‘word of God.’ Names given to a collection of writings, created and compiled over thousands of years to and by multiple people groups in several different cultures – people who understood God, creation, humanity, justice, and suffering differently, both from culture to culture and even person to person. It includes […]


George H. Smith is responsible for getting me to think about agnosticism from a totally different perspective than I had in the past.  I read his book, “Atheism: The Case Against God” while in college, studying theology.  Being that this is my first contribution to #onetheology, I suppose some context is in order.  I am […]