I’ve been told on many occasions that I inhabit a postmodern world. But what on earth does that mean? Last year, I had the opportunity to study for a masters degree in theology. My studies revolved around the relationship between faith and culture. Before I began to look at Christianity in other cultures, I decided to look at what academics were […]


Introduction When we hear the term pantheism, we naturally think of theological constructions in the Far East, mainly Hinduism and other closely related forms of it. Our minds seem to automatically associate pantheism with Eastern religion in the same way that our minds naturally associate the word “apple” with the word “red.” Nevertheless, we know […]

What’s in a Hyphen Postliberal vs 2

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin: I (as I imagine  most of you do) believe that its socially unacceptable to correct people on their grammar. I’m also more than aware that the hyphen is among the least important of all language symbols known to man. In most circumstances, that teeny tiny little line […]

Is Good Simply Whatever Makes Us Happy

Is “Good” Just a Feeling? Our whole lives, we are told to be good and do good. But what is good? Is it a thing that can be measured or is it something I become? Americans have had a hard time agreeing on the answer to such questions. We are however, in general agreement that […]


“Are we living in a culture of moral relativism?” This is a question I have heard asked often in churches and in conservative political circles. The answer to this question is complicated and in my opinion, the answer offered in said circles is frequently over simplified. The question has philosophical and geographical implications that are […]

Beginnings 23

How did we get here? Most ancient creation stories start with either a formless space that spontaneously gives birth to a god, or earth; or they begin with an eternal being that existed before creation. In some of these, this being is the creator of all original things, or it is destroyed and the debris […]

Os Guinness and the Public Square

Recently, I have been systematically reading through the works of Os Guinness. In particular, his writings on the American founding fathers and the global public square. For those unfamiliar with Guinness, he is a social critic who has written at length on the subject of American culture and politics. Below are a few major themes […]

Eschatological Pantheism VI

I am revisiting this series as I did not provide a final post last semester. See previous posts to catch up on the train of thought. The objective is to provide a biblical explanation of how Christian doctrine may possess similarities with some major themes of pantheistic thought. I focused on our eschatology in order […]


I made the 5-½ hour trip home to Oklahoma a few days before my grandmother’s funeral. The fight against cancer was over! I remember when my dad called me with the news; I knew what the call was about when my phone rang. It did not come as a surprise since we had made the […]


Christmas songs are always hard for me to listen to outside of the Christmas season. I love Christmas and the songs, but to listen to them in September just seems strange. But recently I heard a Christmas song that said more than just the usual yuletied cheer. The song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, […]


God has complete and exhaustive knowledge of the future. This is what Christians commonly affirm: God is all knowing, or omniscient. In other words, God knows all truths and believes no falsehoods. However, like many doctrines in the Christian tradition it is subject to interpretation. Despite whatever disagreements over the details of God’s foreknowledge there […]


*This post was adapted from an essay that I had written a few years ago. I apologize for how rigid and formulaic it is; it was originally written for a logic professor…. Introduction Recently, due mostly to the growing popularity and acceptance of Open Theism in many theological and philosophical circles, there has been a […]


Who are you? These three words sum up one of the most important questions a person should ponder. I am reminded of the movie Alice in Wonderland, and how this was the main question that the Caterpillar asked Alice as she was on her journey through an unknown world. The question involves all aspects of […]


In a recent post at One Theology, Esther May Moore offered “biblical, historical and biologically based information that challenged the traditional Christian prohibition of homosexual intercourse. Specifically, she suggested four arguments against it, the first two having to do with history and the Bible, and the last two having to do with biology. The use […]


In Part II, I briefly described a view called hard determinism. The hard determinist adheres to one form of determinism or another and then claims that free will is incompatible with his or her brand of determinism. Some will claim that human actions are all ultimately determined by the basic physical laws of nature, others […]


It is hard to ignore all of the evil in our world. Even the most unyielding optimist must recognize the inconvenient and uncomfortable truths that pervade human existence, like the truths of cancer, a miscarriage, or the death of a loved one. There is no doubt that the reality of pain and suffering confront us […]


“ … all human reason is imaginative.” – Andrew Davison In the apocryphal book of 1 Esdras 3-4, the author says that three bodyguards who guarded King Darius wanted to know: what is the strongest (or the most powerful)? If Plato had answered this question, he would have included the arts in his answer, especially […]


In Part I of this series I offered a brief outline of our common sense notions about free will.  On the face of it, it seems that: Free will entails the power to choose from multiple alternatives Free will is required for moral responsibility Free will is intimately connected with reason However, when I say […]