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304 February 15

A Healthy Alternative to the Privatization of Religion; A Theology of Political Engagement

In contemporary American society, the relationship between religion (in this case, Christian religion) and civil government is one defined by privatization. The noble and well-intended concept of the separation of church and state has devolved into the strict bifurcation of the sacred and the secular, the invisible and the visible, the subjective elements of human […]

8005 January 21

A Political Kind of Day

Two things might help you read this post more easily. First, know that I did not vote for Obama but I have respect for him. Second, I consider myself to be a politically moderate person, but I am likely perceived as a conservative by most. Now you don’t have to wonder or speculate. Let Us […]

OFFENDED January 04

The Right to Be Offended

The Grocery Store Debacle I was in line at the grocery store recently. I was unloading my grocery basket onto the conveyor belt when two older women in line behind me started to peruse the tabloids while I scurried to get the line moving again. The women closest to me gave a gasp and said “I […]

Discourse November 28

Public and Civil Discourse

I came across this statement released by the Utah Attorney General’s office. It is a guide for conducting public discourse. I think that Americans must learn how to communicate amicably in order to steer the cultural shifts we are experiencing in a positive and productive direction. Facebook is a form of the public square and […]


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