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Myth-busting Postmodernism Part I April 15

Myth-busting Postmodernism: Part I

I’ve been told on many occasions that I inhabit a postmodern world. But what on earth does that mean? Last year, I had the opportunity to study for a masters degree in theology. My studies revolved around the relationship between faith and culture. Before I began to look at Christianity in other cultures, I decided to look at what academics were […]

What’s in a Hyphen Postliberal vs 2 February 14

What’s in a Hyphen?: Postliberal vs. Post-liberal Theology

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin: I (as I imagine  most of you do) believe that its socially unacceptable to correct people on their grammar. I’m also more than aware that the hyphen is among the least important of all language symbols known to man. In most circumstances, that teeny tiny little line […]


What is Moral Relativism?

“Are we living in a culture of moral relativism?” This is a question I have heard asked often in churches and in conservative political circles. The answer to this question is complicated and in my opinion, the answer offered in said circles is frequently over simplified. The question has philosophical and geographical implications that are […]

5 October 03

A Progressive, Cruciform Hermeneutic

The Bible. Holy Scripture. The ‘word of God.’ Names given to a collection of writings, created and compiled over thousands of years to and by multiple people groups in several different cultures – people who understood God, creation, humanity, justice, and suffering differently, both from culture to culture and even person to person. It includes […]

118 February 13

The Trinity, Postmodernity and the Mistake of Male Omnipotence

“If God is male, then the male is God.” This quote by Mary Daly serves as the backdrop for this post. I have recently become fascinated by feminist theological approaches and want to flesh some of my thoughts out here. For the record, it is my firm contention that woman and men are equal and […]


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