In previous posts, I have indicated that I accept the scientific fact of evolution, and that I don’t think this necessarily precludes orthodox Christian faith. I think there are other ways to read the creation accounts in Genesis than literally, because I don’t think the original authors were attempting to give us a pure, empirical […]


I’ve been told on many occasions that I inhabit a postmodern world. But what on earth does that mean? Last year, I had the opportunity to study for a masters degree in theology. My studies revolved around the relationship between faith and culture. Before I began to look at Christianity in other cultures, I decided to look at what academics were […]

What’s in a Hyphen Postliberal vs 2

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin: I (as I imagine  most of you do) believe that its socially unacceptable to correct people on their grammar. I’m also more than aware that the hyphen is among the least important of all language symbols known to man. In most circumstances, that teeny tiny little line […]

Why Public Debates Matter

Tonight, two icons (in their own way) will be facing off in a debate about the origins of the universe. Bill Nye is the Science Guy who will be presenting an argument for the truthfulness of evolutionary claims considered by Ken Ham to be contradictory to the Bible and reality. Ken Ham is a public […]

Beginnings 23

How did we get here? Most ancient creation stories start with either a formless space that spontaneously gives birth to a god, or earth; or they begin with an eternal being that existed before creation. In some of these, this being is the creator of all original things, or it is destroyed and the debris […]


I Was Homophobic Sadly, I grew up a homophobic kid.  My environment demanded it.  I am fortunate to have a very patient and forgiving friend, to this day, who I bullied, as a kid, at church, for being gay.  She is an amazing human, and I have not always been. When I first saw that […]


As a Christian who believes scripture is the final authority and has homosexual friends that I love I feel that I cannot please either side nor prevent from making both upset with me. This is a difficult topic to discuss as I balance between a Christian world I know (and love mostly) that I have […]


In a recent post at One Theology, Esther May Moore offered “biblical, historical and biologically based information that challenged the traditional Christian prohibition of homosexual intercourse. Specifically, she suggested four arguments against it, the first two having to do with history and the Bible, and the last two having to do with biology. The use […]


Last week a history making event happened in the Boy Scouts. They elected to allow openly gay boys to join their ranks. This along with the Equal Rights movement is forcing believers to look at the issue a little harder and some are asking, “Is it possible that people really ARE born gay?” I can’t […]


THE SUPERNATURAL             Lewis has made significant contribution to defense of the supernatural, particularly against Naturalism. In his book, Miracles: A Preliminary Study, Lewis’ assertions that miracles are in fact possible depend upon the existence of the supernatural. He argues against Naturalism, which holds that every finite thing or event is explicable in terms of […]


Depression. Suicide. Psychiatry. These words evoke opinions and emotions from people in every walk of life.  In the wake of the tragic suicide of Rick Warren’s son, Matthew, I have been shocked at some of the responses from the Christian community. In an official statement from Pastor Warren he stated that,  “My son’s suicide last week […]


Over the last few centuries, there has been a steady but growing consensus amongst intellectuals that religion and science are simply incompatible with one another. This incompatibility is often interpreted as being built into the very natures of both systems. In other words, it is thought that the various predicates of religion are intrinsically opposed […]


Many contemporary historians working within the parameters of science and theology alike have drawn meaningful connections between the historical Galileo Affair and the modern debate over evolution-creation. The remarkable continuity between these two notorious conflicts is significant because it enables the contemporary church to learn from past mistakes. This is the importance of history in […]