It is hard to ignore all of the evil in our world. Even the most unyielding optimist must recognize the inconvenient and uncomfortable truths that pervade human existence, like the truths of cancer, a miscarriage, or the death of a loved one. There is no doubt that the reality of pain and suffering confront us […]


For the past few weeks I have been in many conversations regarding God, suffering, and faith. Don’t ask me why, they just started to follow me. During this same time I have been trying to re-read the classic work, A Grief Observed, by C.S. Lewis. This book is one of my favorites by Lewis, because […]

September 11 Attack on World Trade Center

This post serves as a sort of “running list” of theologians who have commented and written about the relationship between the Scriptural account of God and the existence of evil. The initial eight entries below were offered to me by my professor of Systematic Theology, Dr. Bruce Rosdahl, a man very dear to me and […]