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Western Pantheism and the god of Liberal Theology Part I2 March 07

Western Pantheism and the god of Liberal Theology: Part I

Introduction When we hear the term pantheism, we naturally think of theological constructions in the Far East, mainly Hinduism and other closely related forms of it. Our minds seem to automatically associate pantheism with Eastern religion in the same way that our minds naturally associate the word “apple” with the word “red.” Nevertheless, we know […]

Gospel of Going to Heaven Part II 2 February 27

Gospel of Going to Heaven: Part II

“It is the only happy life to live for the salvation of souls.” – D.L. Moody In continuing my thoughts on the Gospel of Going to Heaven I wanted to give a little background in how I see the development of this mindset. American religious history is marked by revivals. Since the early colonial days […]

What’s in a Hyphen Postliberal vs 2 February 14

What’s in a Hyphen?: Postliberal vs. Post-liberal Theology

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin: I (as I imagine  most of you do) believe that its socially unacceptable to correct people on their grammar. I’m also more than aware that the hyphen is among the least important of all language symbols known to man. In most circumstances, that teeny tiny little line […]

Beginnings 23 January 27


How did we get here? Most ancient creation stories start with either a formless space that spontaneously gives birth to a god, or earth; or they begin with an eternal being that existed before creation. In some of these, this being is the creator of all original things, or it is destroyed and the debris […]

7 Practical Implications of the Trinity 2 January 27

7 Practical Implications of the Trinity

A couple of years ago I was given a copy of Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears book, “Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe.” I picked it up the other day and started flipping through the pages again. It is an interesting and easy-to-read book for anyone who would want to read about…. well, doctrine. I’d recommend […]

8 January 22

On Communion and Real Presence

Preston Yancey is currently one of my favorite authors/bloggers. His writing is beautiful, and his use of language captures something of the raw essence of living that you can’t quite put your finger on. This week, Preston wrote a piece on Communion that I think is something that should be read by those of us […]

Trinitarianism Is Not January 21

Trinitarianism Is Not __________

The doctrine of the Trinity. It’s the biblical teaching about who God is that leave so many scratching their heads saying “Huh?,” others who are apathetic wondering “What’s the use?,” and still others who simplify the God of the Bible that results in heretical false teaching about him. I’ll admit the doctrine of the Trinity […]

The Gospel of Going to Heaven 2 January 21

The Gospel of Going to Heaven

One of my favorite genres of music is the Americana folk style. It blends gospel, country, and blues with religious imagery and experiences of American life. Many current artists have taken old hymns and brought them back in this resurging genre. The most famous hymn is the classic “I’ll Fly Away.” The song became popular […]

154 January 20

Desire and the Death of Autonomy

Today marks our first day that we delve into a basic rundown of René Girard’s Mimetic Theory. Some of it will sound a little theoretical, but by the end (within the next three or four weeks) I am hoping to show how these parts all tie together and why I think the theory is so […]

1.9.14 3 January 09

Onan’s Wasted Seed

I’m doing a study in Genesis with a group at my church and got an opportunity to share on one of my pet peeves this week. It’s found in Chapter 38, and talks about wasting “seed.” Judah went on the town and got a couple of wives, had sons and then got wives for his […]

1.9.14 January 08

An Evangelical-Barthian View of Scripture

One of the trends I have noticed in evangelicalism – particularly in the more progressive evangelical sphere – is a willingness to rethink what the authority of scripture means and how the Bible should function in the life of the believer and the Christian community as a whole. With the rise of scientific inquiry, the […]

1.9.14 2 January 07

When Did God Become GOD?

There is a common assumption that because we received all knowledge about God through the Hebrew Scriptures then those ancient Israelites were always monotheistic. We see in our Old Testament pages a cut and dry story of One God revealing Himself to people who recognized exactly who He was, but willingly rebelled. But is this […]

154 January 06

Discovering Girard

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to write a couple of posts that give a basic overview of René Girard’s Mimetic Theory, using Michael Kirwan’s Discovering Girard as a sort of template to guide me in the process. As these posts are meant to be accessible to most people, I will try and simply Kirwan’s and […]

24 September 30

Echatological Pantheism V: All in All

The last post discussed the universal effect of God’s work of glorification. All of creation will eventually be redeemed and brought into union with the Divine. This post will look at the culmination of that union. In order to do so we will revisit the crucial 1 Cor. 15 chapter. Paul includes a very odd […]

812 September 27

“What do you mean, ‘God is in control?”

I made the 5-½ hour trip home to Oklahoma a few days before my grandmother’s funeral. The fight against cancer was over! I remember when my dad called me with the news; I knew what the call was about when my phone rang. It did not come as a surprise since we had made the […]

813 September 24

When God Broke The Spinning Wheel: Providence And Fate

Christmas songs are always hard for me to listen to outside of the Christmas season. I love Christmas and the songs, but to listen to them in September just seems strange. But recently I heard a Christmas song that said more than just the usual yuletied cheer. The song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, […]

603 September 20

A Critical Bashing of Open Theism

Open Theism (OT) is the belief that God does not have an exhaustive knowledge of future events. The argument goes something like this: -     1. God does not know things that do not exist. -     2. Future events do not exist because they have not occurred. -     3. Therefore, God does not know future events. […]

604 September 19

A Simple View of Foreknowledge

God has complete and exhaustive knowledge of the future. This is what Christians commonly affirm: God is all knowing, or omniscient. In other words, God knows all truths and believes no falsehoods. However, like many doctrines in the Christian tradition it is subject to interpretation. Despite whatever disagreements over the details of God’s foreknowledge there […]


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