Month: January 2013


The Tweets of Zero Dark Thirty

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news about Osama Bin Laden’s death. Odds are you do too. Ironically, I was reading President Bush’s book Decisions Points, finishing up the chapter detailing 9/11. Another thing I remember is […]


Where Have All the Philosophers Gone?

Recently I read a comment on Facebook asking, “Why doesn’t anyone quote textbooks on Ontology anymore?” (That guy needs to be apart of our blog.) This seemed like an odd question to me. Isn’t the answer obvious? No one quotes textbooks […]


Protestantism: A Single-Parent Household?

First, let me begin by saying that I have no intention of denigrating any single moms and dads out there who work their butts off raising their children.  The truth is I have a soft spot when considering the often harsh […]


A Political Kind of Day

Two things might help you read this post more easily. First, know that I did not vote for Obama but I have respect for him. Second, I consider myself to be a politically moderate person, but I am likely perceived as […]


By What Authority? An Examination of Apostolic Succession: Part I

I am beginning this series on the doctrine of apostolic succession for two reasons. The first is that I am extremely interested in arguments concerning authority structures within Christendom. One struggle I have faced in my Christian walk is determining who […]


America is not Israel

Read my first post on this issue here. My first blog entry was titled, “The Church is Israel.” In that entry I tried to argue that God has ONE covenant community. These are His chosen people, the apple of His eye, […]


Lessons Learned from the Galileo Affair: All Truth is God’s Truth

Many contemporary historians working within the parameters of science and theology alike have drawn meaningful connections between the historical Galileo Affair and the modern debate over evolution-creation. The remarkable continuity between these two notorious conflicts is significant because it enables the […]


Deity, Fasting, and the Anointing

I don’t plan on contributing entries this frequently, and I plan to resume the Israel topic on my next entry, but I attended a church service this weekend that provoked me to share. An evangelist (unnamed) was speaking on the anointing, […]


The Lost Art of Conversation

Why I Created One Theology I created One Theology because I eat, sleep and breathe theology and philosophy. I also surround myself (generally) with people who share my interest at some level. I am privileged to know each of the contributors […]


Machines, James Bond, and the Resurrection of Christian Intellectualism

2012 saw its fair share of apocalypses. The Mayan Calendar. The Fiscal Cliff. Lindsay Lohan. If we examine each of these separate events, we’ll discover that they all ended up being nothing more than magnanimous publicity stunts. I think we all […]


The Church is Israel

The two leading schools of thought concerning Israel and their relation to the Church are Dispensational Theology and Replacement Theology. Dispensational Theology sees Israel and the Church as two separate entities. Replacement Theology teaches that the Church has replaced Israel. I […]


The Right to Be Offended

The Grocery Store Debacle I was in line at the grocery store recently. I was unloading my grocery basket onto the conveyor belt when two older women in line behind me started to peruse the tabloids while I scurried to get the […]