Month: February 2013

A line of Oscar statuettes can be seen at a "Meet The Oscars" display in Times Square, New York February 15, 2008. The "Meet The Oscars" exhibit is designed for the public to see and touch the statuettes used during the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES)

Why We Love the Oscars So Much

  My favorite part of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony wasn’t when Jennifer Lawrence tripped over the stairs after her best actress win. It was actually when Hugh Jackman, in a flash, raced to her aid. He was like lighting. After […]


The Disadvantages of Being a Wallflower

I’ll be honest, as a child God scared the mess out of me. At times I pictured God with electricity in his fingertips, waiting to zap me the moment I did something wrong. He was the police officer and I was […]


A Healthy Alternative to the Privatization of Religion; A Theology of Political Engagement

In contemporary American society, the relationship between religion (in this case, Christian religion) and civil government is one defined by privatization. The noble and well-intended concept of the separation of church and state has devolved into the strict bifurcation of the […]


Catfished Emotions: Thoughts on The Imposter

Odds are you’ve probably heard someone use the term “catfishing” recently. For those of you still wondering how it’s possible for someone to catch fish with a computer, let me provide a working definition. Catfishing: The act of luring someone into […]


Abusive Shepherds: God’s Anger over His Battered Flock

We discover the heart of God in Scripture both through his acts of redemption and judgment. Our attention needs to arise when we hear the iconic, “Woe unto you….” A Woe Oracle was more than a generic “Hey you, listen”; it […]


Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?

Sometimes when I reflect on the impending zombie apocalypse, I have to stop myself from getting too excited. If everyone were honest with each other, I think we’d all agree that it’s going to be pretty sweet. In the end though, I […]


The Moral Argument Reconsidered

Let me be clear, I am a theist. I believe in the existence of universal morality. I believe that morality is based upon the character & nature of God and that the scriptures contain an expression of it. One of my […]