On the Atonement: Christus Victor (Over Death Anxiety)

Yesterday’s post discussed Jesus’ role in saving us systemically from our inherent tendency to scapegoat and victimize others. In today’s post, we are address how Jesus saves us individually. *** Remember, Beck’s argument about the human predicament is that we are enslaved, or […]


On the Atonement: Jesus, the Last Scapegoat

In the previous two posts, I laid out a different understanding of original sin, both systemically and individually. Today, my attempt is to address how Jesus saves us from the sacrificial scapegoating mechanism, addressed on Friday. [Side note: From this point forward, […]


On the Atonement: The Fear of Death

In my last post, I discussed one side of the human “original sin” issue: systemically, we are bound to tribal ways of thinking, and we inherently blame and victimize outsiders to ease tensions within communities. In this post, I will address […]


On the Atonement: “Original Sin”

In my last post, we talked about the standard model in evangelicalism for atonement: namely, penal substitution. We are disobedient, deserving of punishment, and God saves us by taking the punishment for us. At the end of the post, I said […]


On the Atonement: Penal Substitution

The purpose of this series is to create a general framework for how I think the atonement functions (in particular, why the death and resurrection of Jesus were necessary for the salvation of humanity) for humanity. My hope is to do so […]


Review of ‘Rediscovering an Evangelical Heritage’ by Donald W. Dayton

 Donald W. Dayton with Douglas M. Strong, Rediscovering an Evangelical Heritage: A Tradition and Trajectory of Integrating Piety and Justice, 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2014). Paperback / Kindle In 1973, some North American church leaders asked Billy Graham to use his influence with […]


How We Lose the Faith

We live in a time when social issues like sexual freedom and abortion are front and center on the stage of American culture. Both of these social issues are dear to me. Several of my posts, along with series I have […]


Responsible Social Conservatism

Social conservatism in America is difficult to describe definitively. It is a political ideology that strives at its core to protect “traditional values” typically relating to the family unit. The family unit consists of institutions like marriage and fidelity, protection of […]


On My Relationship with Scripture

I had a bit of a self-revelation this morning. It’s really nothing new, and probably something that happens to a lot of people in the Evangelical/post-Evangelical/millenial/trying-to-figure-out-how-to-follow-Jesus crowd. In a nutshell: I like to read lots of things about Scripture. I am not very […]

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Review of ‘Getting the Reformation Wrong’ by James R. Payton Jr.

 James R. Payton Jr., Getting the Reformation Wrong: Correcting Some Misunderstandings (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic 2010). Paperback / Kindle Every now and then, I hear friends describe—denounce, really—some book as a work of “revisionist history.” What they mean by that appellation is that the book […]

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Darwin the Saint?

Richard Beck has written an incredible write-up on some possible moral foundations for Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. At the time, many used the argument of polygenism as the foundation for the notion that whites were supreme and slavery was […]


Jim Wallis on Biblical Justice

I’m still currently in the middle of my “Studies in the Prophets” class, which means I’m also currently in the middle of my research paper for the class. My paper will focus on the function of Old Testament prophets as it […]